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ink cups and plates

We can provide 46mm 60mm 80mm 90mm 130mm Standard Sizes ink cups made of anodized aluminum with ceramic ring or tungsten ring. A sealed ink cup system is essentially and inverted cup that is filled with ink and uses the sharp rim of the cup as a printing plate wiping system. The sealed ink cup system floods and doctors (wipes) a printing plate in the same motion, dramatically limiting the ink exposure to the air, thereby limiting solvent evaporation and ink viscosity changes. As a result, the pr[more]

Ceramic ring for pad printing

There has been much debate as to which doctor ring material is best for doctoring pad printing plates. The market for pad printing supplies originally started with tungsten carbide steel doct or rings and many were successfully implemented. Today, both tungsten carbide rings and zirconium oxi de ceramic rings work extremely well. The zirconium oxide ceramic doctor ring offers some advanta ges. One of th e primary advantages of the zirconia ceramic ring has a self-lubricating qualities that make [more]

oval rings for pad printing

We can provide oval ring for pad printing machine. You can usesmaller size printingmachine when using oval ring. Standard Sizes of Oval Ceramic Rings length 350 width120 height 14 length 225 width115 height 14 length 140 width 75 height 12 Other Custom Standard [more]

tungsten carbide ring for pad p

Today, both carbide rings and ceramic rings work extremely well. The alloy is harder than ceramic ring. It will have a longer life than ceramic ring in steel pad printing plate. But it is not better than ceramic ring for a polymer pad printing plate. Kesheng offers high-quality tungsten carbide steel rings at the most competitive prices for the pad printing machine. Item Unit tungsten carbide steel Composition YG8/K30 Density g/cm 3 14.8 Hardness HRA 90 Bending Strength MPa 1900 Modulus of Elast[more]