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ceramic ring for pad printing

There has been much debate as to which doctor ring material is best for doctoring pad printing plates. The market for pad printing supplies originally started with tungsten carbide steel doctor rings and many were successfully implemented. Today, both tungsten carbide rings and zirconium oxide ceramic rings work extremely well. The zirconium oxide ceramic doctor ring offers some advantages. One of the primary advantages of the zirconia ceramic ring has a “self-lubricating” qualities that make it work equally well on thin and thick steel pad printing plate, especially the softer polymer pad printing plates.


large welding parts

cutting steel plate for parts                                                        Welding part

Machining the part after welding

large welding structure part for machine basement, etc   Weight:200 kg~10 Ton

Sand Aluminum Casting

Sand Aluminum Casting

Melting Aluminum material

Making sand mould and Aluminum part

Aluminum part surface treatment                                     Material element testing

Aluminum casting part weight: 5 kg ~ 2 Ton

CNC machining casting part                                                        Inspection